Sunday, July 30, 2017

August National Holidays

August 1:    National Minority Donor Awareness Day Link
August 2:    National Coloring Book Day  Link
August 3:    Watermelon Day  Link
August 4:    National Chocolate Chip Day Link
August 5:    National Mustard Day (First Saturday) Link
August 6:    American Family Day Link  (First Sunday)
August 7:    Assistance Dog Day Link
August 8:    Dalek Day Link
August 9:    International Day of The World's Indigenous People Link
August 10:  S'mores Day Link
August 11:  Presidential Joke Day Link
August 12:  National Garage Sale Day
August 13:  International Lefthander's Day  Link
August 14:  National Navajo Code Talkers Day
August 15:  National No SpongeBob Day Link
August 16:  Wave at Surveilance Day Link
August 17:  Black Cat Appreciation Day Link
August 18:  Bad Poetry Day
August 19:  National Honey Bee Day Link
August 20:  National Radio Day  Link
August 21:  Cupcake Day Link
August 22:  National Bao Day Link
August 23:  Day For The Remembrance of The Slave Trade & Its Abolition
August 24:  Pluto Demoted Day
August 25:  Brother's Day  Link
August 26:  International Tongue Twister Day Link
August 27:  Just Because Day
August 28:  National Bow Tie Day  Link
August 29:  Individual Rights Day Link
August 30:  International Whale Shark Day
August 31:  National Diatomaceous Earth Day  Link

This is NOT an all inclusive list.  To see even more daily, monthly or weekly holidays check out Holiday and Other Fun with Brownielocks and the 3 Bears.

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